Grant scheme “Competitiveness”


1) By decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, the name of the Pre-accession Programs and Projects Directorate at the MEE has been changed as of 2 March 2007. The new name of the Directorate is “European Funds for Competitiveness”. Please keep this in mind when sending a correspondence addressed to the directorate.

2) We would like to inform you that from . The Ministry of Economy and Energy is registered under the VAT Act with ID. VAT number BG130169256, which should be entered in the invoices issued to EA- Phare


From 4 January 2007 on 8 Slavyanska Street IA Phare MEE opens a reception room for submission of documents from current beneficiaries who have signed grant contracts . The Reception Desk will be open from 10:00 until 12:00 and from 14:00 until 16:00. Requests for down payment will be accepted by Executive Agency staff.

Sample specimen of Special Account Contract

In connection with the frequent phone calls and questions about the special bank account opening contract, we bring to your attention an example of a Special Account Contract . The essential conditions for IA under Phare are the requirements for making transfers from the account, including when closing it. A list of the model documents and the specimens to be provided by the Ministry of Economy and Energy in connection with the execution of the special bank account contract can be found in the category “Basic Documents”. The specimen of the person authorized by the Ministry of Economy and Energy will be deposited with the respective bank once it has been requested.

For an advance payment , please follow these instructions:

  • Instructions for the opening and keeping of a special euro and euro account
  • Instructions for granting an advance payment
  • Procedure for exemption from VAT

Please note:

The request for an advance payment, the Financial Identification Form, the Advance Payment Invoice and the Cover Letter should be presented in the original;

Invoices should be signed by the person authorized under the contract.

Prior to submitting documents for advance payment and issuance of an invoice with zero VAT rate to Phare IEP Program (ie using the regime under Article 173 (1) of the VAT Act), you should have received confirmation from the territorial directorate of the NRA-Sofia for the existence of grounds for using the regime under Art. 173, para 1 of the VAT Act, according to Art. 107 of RIPAAA – Procedure for obtaining opinion on the application of zero rate by NRA-Sofia (see the procedure for VAT exemption from the instructions of the EA).

We draw attention to the fact that when returning a wrong invoice for an advance payment, the provisions of Art. 10 of the Accountancy Act and Art. 116 (1) of the VAT Act, according to which the misapplied primary accounting documents are canceled and new ones are created with a new date and serial number.

On this page you will find information about the rules and steps you need to take to successfully complete your project:

In Responsible Persons you will find information on who is responsible for the execution of your IA contract in Questions & Answers, you can ask your questions about implementation by specifying the name and number of your project explicitly (in case you do not, the question will not be answered). We recommend you to familiarize yourself with the questions already answered before doing so.

In Samples / Forms you can download the current report forms
In the Basic Documents you will find a Project Implementation Guide
In the News are published the latest events related to the implementation of the project in Links you can find out which questions you can ask who to contact In the event of any irregularities relating to the execution of project contracts, please report using the Irregularities button .