The Pre-Accession Programs and Projects Directorate was created with an amendment of the Rules of Procedure of the Ministry of Economy and Energy as of 01.11.2003, as a specialized directorate, working in the following directions:

  • Implementation of Phare projects ;
  • Acquisition of Implementing Agency Phare – Economic and social cohesion sector “Competitiveness” and move to EDIS for the implementation of projects;
  • Preparation for future Managing Authority of the Operational Program for the Structural Funds of the EU .

Since January 2004, Directorate has the status of Implementing Agency Phare , as at present with the other Implementing Agencies Phare has undergone phase II ( “Bridging the Gap”) of the process of transition to EDIS project implementation ( EDIS ), as a basic requirement for the transition to the management of the European Structural Funds. The following organizational structure was created to meet the ( EDIS ) requirements, consisting of:

  • Director (Deputy Head of the PHARE Program ),
  • three departments responsible for the implementation of the Phare projects, namely: Tender and Contracting Department, Project Execution Department and Financial Department,
  • one Supporting Program Coordination Unit, responsible for coordinating all PHAREProgram activities ,
  • as well as a new Internal Control Sector that performs preliminary control of the negotiation and settlement processes to ensure compliance with the procedures and regulatory requirements of the European Commission and the Republic of Bulgaria

For the period 2003 – 2005  was responsible for the technical implementation of six projects in the Economic and Social Cohesion sector financed under the Phare 2000-2003 Financing Memoranda 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003, and carried out operational monitoring of the project. a total of 251 grant contracts, distributed as follows:

  • BG 0102.01 “SME Consulting and Technological Grant Scheme” – 88 contracts;
  • BG 0102.02 “High-tech Business Incubators” – 49 contracts;
  • BG 0102.03 “Development of cultural tourism in Bulgaria – 19 contracts;
  • BG 0202.02 “Development of Bulgarian Ecotourism” – 27 contracts;
  • BG2003 / 004-937.02.03: “Clustering approach and  cluster modeling”.

The total project cost / project fiche for which the PPP Directorate is responsible for technical implementation and monitoring, as a PIU, is EUR 39 090 000.

With the signing of the Financing Memorandum 2004 , Part II, between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Commission, at the end of January 2005, officially started the implementation of the PHARE Project BG 2004 / 016-711.11.04 “Support for Enhancing the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Enterprises”.

The project was prepared by the Ministry of Economy and Energy (MEE) and managed by the Executive Agency PHARE ministry – the “Pre Programs and Projects”  project (Phase I) is worth 12 million euros.

By amendment and supplement to the MA of the Ministry (Official Gazette No 69 / 23.08.2005) the Directorate is assigned the functions related to the preparation, organization and coordination of the activities related to the fulfillment of the commitments stipulated in the Strategy for Participation of the Republic Bulgaria in the Structural Funds of the European Union, as well as fulfillment of the functions of a future Managing Authority for the implementation of the Operational Program “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy”.

The PPP Directorate has been preparing for the management of the Structural Fundssince the beginning of November 2003. with the inclusion of the relevant functions of the Directorate in the Rules of Organization of the MEE. The effective preparation of the Directorate for its work under the EU SF started in November 2004. with the launching of a Twinning Project to strengthen the administrative capacity of the MoI, as the Managing Authority of the OP.